Build a strong foundation of knowledge for new hires or experienced staff with the Flag the Money series.

Flag the Money 1 – Build Your Knowledge

Key features include:

  • Carl’s Story – an award-winning video about a gang of money-laundering criminals
  • interviews with industry experts – including bankers, law enforcement and journalists
  • interactive exercises throughout – with detailed feedback on student responses
  • glossary and other resources – available as pull-down tabs or printable PDFs
  • role-specific exercises – with detailed feedback on student responses
  • role-specific exam – any who fail will answer different questions on the second attempt

Flag the Money 2 – Apply Your Knowledge

is a 45-minute course that demonstrates the application of principles learned in Flag the Money 1 and is intended for staff who have taken that training in a previous year.

Key features include:

  • three new case studies – each chapter contains a scenario taken from a series of real credit union suspicious transaction reports
  • Carl’s Story excerpts – short clips of our gang of money-laundering criminals used to illustrate new teaching points
  • new interviews with industry experts – Barbara Guenther, Steinbach Credit Union Compliance Officer and Garry Clement, retired RCMP director, Proceeds of Crime
  • role-specific exercises and exam

Flag the Money 3 – Expand Your Knowledge

is a 30-minute course that provides deeper insights into pivotal AML issues such as beneficial ownership and PEPs (politically exposed persons). It is intended for staff who have taken Flag the Money 1 and 2 in previous years.

Key features include:

  •  new dramatic video – Sandra is the compliance officer who puts together the unusual transactions identified by her staff and uncovers a case of bribery and corruption at the municipal and provincial levels
  • hot topics – domestic PEPs, beneficial owners, source of funds, predicate crimes, high-risk clients and enhanced measures, quality of STRs
  • role-specific exercises and exam

Flag Financial Crime Microlearning Series

This monthly series of micro-learning courses (3-9 minutes) keeps anti-money laundering and financial crime issues in the forefront of the minds of your entire staff. Key concepts from their annual Flag the Money courses are reinforced by skill-building exercises and related topics such as sanctions are introduced. Compliance officers can respond quickly to changes in legislation and FINTRAC Guidance with timely updates

Flag the Money for Directors and Flag the Money for Executives

are 35-minute courses that give board members and top executives just the right amount of information so they can effectively oversee the anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing program within their organization.

Key features include:

  • Carl’s Story – the award-winning video that shows how money laundering really works
  • key principles of a risk-based approach
  • liabilities – organizational and personal
  • questions – board members should ask about the main elements of their compliance regime

Financial Abuse of Older Adults

Everyone knows elder financial abuse is a problem, but few understand what to do about it. This award‑winning program is built around three short videos that illustrate how older adults are vulnerable to those they rely on the most – and what financial industry employees can do about it.

  • three short video dramas – show seniors susceptible to abuse of assets, credit, and Power of Attorney
  • interactive content – includes detailed feedback on each response
  • red flags list – available as a pull-down tabs and printable PDF
  • national and local resources – up-to-date information for seniors

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