Who is Tamlo?

Tamlo brings together a highly-talented group of individuals who have, over the years, become an award-winning team. We all love what we do and delight in our collaboration. We believe Tamlo’s sum is even greater than its parts as we continue to develop our areas of expertise and add new faces who bring fresh ideas to our ever-expanding circles of clients and products.

Our Team

Kairiin Bright, MFA, CAMS

Vice President Product Development, Artistic Director

Theatre and film are Kairiin’s lifelong passion. Her freelance career spanned the continent with productions coast to coast, and as far north as Whitehorse, Yukon. Her design work was shown at the top scenographic world exhibition in Prague and she taught theatre for six years at Concordia University, Montreal. Now her dramatic imagination and passion for adult learning create unforgettable online courses for Tamlo, including the award-winning Flag the Money™ AML/ATF series and Flag Financial Crime micro-learning series for ongoing training in countering financial crime.

Michael Cosgrove

Vice President Business Development, Director

Michael Cosgrove guides the business development at Tamlo International. He has spent the past several years working closely with compliance staff from various regulated industries at home and abroad to help inspire and motivate their employees and agents. At industry conferences he has developed strong relationships with leaders in the AML/CTF field. He has been invited to be a presenter on AML Compliance programs. Michael’s enthusiasm is contagious and his insights provide new tools and best practice tips to bring a company’s AML/CTF regime to the next level.

Allyson Mitchell

Vice President Administration, Director

Allyson brings to Tamlo a strong background in administration having spent the better part of 20 years overseeing operations in both the non-profit and business sectors. She knows how to streamline a company’s operations in order to maximize its efficiency and is an expert in key areas such as critical cost containment and workflow improvement. Allyson shows an unwavering dedication to excellence and she knows how to build and manage a winning team as she rallies all our varied strengths and abilities to accomplishing our company’s vision.

Glen Thorsteinson

President, Technology Director

Glen is a proven entrepreneur and leader. After many years with one of the fastest growing online companies in eastern Canada, Glen struck out in 2006 with a small group of entrepreneurs to build companies dedicated to outstanding compliance training. Tamlo’s success is due in part to Glen’s ability to synchronize with a team of top-notch writers, film makers, artists and business people. He has a deep interest in how to leverage emerging technologies and a passion for the detective work needed to identify and solve the problems that arise from working with multiple client partners.

Marilyn Bright, ABC

Senior Consultant, Product Development

Marilyn is an award-winning writer/producer and a successful entrepreneur. Early in her working life she started and sold a highly respected training and publishing company. She has created many outstanding training programs, films and presentations – most of them built around engaging stories that connect with their intended audience. Marilyn’s experience as an instructional designer and Accredited Business Communicator has led her through a career across North America and as far afield as Argentina. With her writing partner Kairiin she develops the content for Tamlo’s online training courses.

J. Jeffrey Rouse, CPA, CMA

Finance Director

Jeffrey completed his MBA in 2000 and has worked since then in key financial positions for international development organizations. His experience includes an important role during a multi-agency merger, and his work frequently centers around the redesigning and streamlining of financial tracking systems. While not multilingual, he is multi-currency literate and keeps Tamlo up to date on important economic and financial developments during discussions on global AML issues.

Ignace Lai

Music Composition, Sound Editor

Iggy is an accomplished musician and composer with a Bachelor’s degree in piano and a Master’s degree in orchestral composing from the University of Montréal. He has been the producer of award-winning albums for artists in North America and Asia, including the 2008 album of the year in Vietnam for Duc Tuan’s “Music of the Night”.

Iggy’s been recording and mixing audio for more than 25 years. He taught at the International Academy of Design, Montreal from 1999 to 2005. At 21 he was the youngest teacher they’d ever had. He’s worked on almost all of Tamlo’s projects, recording and editing the narration and composing music for the videos.

Olivier Clément

Senior Developer

Olivier has worked with Tamlo since we produced our first version of Flag the Money in 2011. As an online developer and programmer he has an extraordinary eye for visual balance and presents complex screen content in clear and imaginative ways. His depth and range of technical expertise allows him to find creative solutions where others would throw up their hands in despair. A consummate professional, Olivier takes on any challenge we toss at him as if it was all in a day’s work.

Garry Clement, CAMS, CFCS

Senior Advisor, AML

Garry is one of Canada’s leading authorities in the AML field, and is recognized internationally for his knowledge and understanding. As the former Director of the RCMP Proceeds of Crime Branch, he presented expert evidence at all levels of courts and appeared before various Parliamentary and Senate Committees. He was instrumental in the development of Canada’s AML legislation and has assisted other governments in developing their proceeds of crime laws. He has been featured in film, television and print media and is in high demand as a consultant and speaker.