The micro-learning series

Are you struggling to find high-quality, relevant ongoing training materials that will keep employees current on financial crime topics? Meet our new micro-learning series – Flag Financial Crime.

This new, ongoing series keeps anti-money laundering and financial crime issues in the forefront of the minds of your entire staff. Key concepts from their annual Flag the Money™ courses are reinforced and related financial crime topics are introduced. Compliance officers can respond quickly to changes in legislation with timely updates.

I’ve seen a lot of training programs over the years and I believe Tamlo has created a unique overview of these topics with well-constructed, concise narratives. These modules are succinct and will empower staff and management with a clear message of the potential dangers, without feeling they have to be experts on the “hows” of each criminal method.

Barb Guenther
Consultant with 17 years of Compliance Officer experience

A growing catalog of financial crime awareness topics

Each microlearning module is 3 – 9 minutes long. These highly-concentrated lessons include new financial crime subjects not usually addressed in your annual AML training, such as sanctions, short updates to highlight the newest regulations such as “Red flags related to terrorist financing,” skill-building exercises that help front line staff “Ask Good Questions” and hot topics like “Human Trafficking.” Compliance officers may suggest topics or offer case studies for future modules.

Key features & benefits include:

  • mobile-friendly content
  • timely regulatory updates
  • interactive exercises based on current regulator priorities
  • short, focussed content keeps learners engaged
  • monthly modules help fulfil ongoing training requirements
  • builds on previous learning from Flag the Money™ 1, 2 and/or 3
  • online delivery provides 24/7 access so learners can advance at their own pace and convenience

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A quick sample of a few of the topics covered.


Sanctions compliance is a complex and ever-changing field of study, however, all employees will benefit from understanding the role of financial institutions in upholding Canada’s efforts to support human rights and democracy, and fight crime and terrorism.

Terrorist Financing

Garry Clement, an international expert in this field, makes a guest appearance to help us understand the unique challenges and responsibilities we have to identify and report possible terrorist financing—and why it matters.

Ask Good Questions

Asking clients questions can be tricky and while there may not be one right way to do it, this course will provide useful insights,  tips and tricks that can help improve the skills needed to get necessary information as efficiently as possible.

Identity Fraud

Criminals and terrorists use false identities to perpetrate a wide range of crimes. This case study highlights the differences between traditional identity fraud and synthetic identity fraud and the difference one well-trained frontline staff can make.

Human Trafficking

According to government statistics, human trafficking is widespread and growing. Financial institutions are in a unique position to help government and law enforcement identify and prosecute the perpetrators of this modern-day slavery.


The digital revolution has moved most financial activities online and criminals have followed, creating a tsunami of cybercrime. The targets may be your clients, or your own financial institution. Three international experts provide stories and insights to help put this subject in perspective.

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