Recognize, Review and Respond

This award-winning online course is built around 3 short videos that illustrate how older adults are vulnerable to those they rely on the most – and what financial industry employees can do about it.

A recent report on elder financial abuse estimates that seniors in the U.S. lose about $6.7 billion annually to deceit or theft enabled by a trusting relationship— typically a family member but sometimes a paid helper, friend, lawyer, accountant, or financial manager. These losses are large – an average of almost $27,000 per case over a five-year period.

The Financial Abuse of Older Adults course offers 1 CE credit for professionals with the following Canadian Securities Institute designations:  PFP, CIWM, CIM, MTI. This will be noted on your Certificate of Completion. If your certificate does not list this CE credit, please let our support staff know and we will provide you with the correct certificate.

This 35-minute online course provides all your employees and managers with the information and resources they need to fulfil their responsibilities and help clients in this sensitive area. The course includes the following 5 elements:

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5 Powerful Training Elements


Three short video dramas show seniors susceptible to abuse of assets, credit and Power of Attorney.


A comprehensive list of red flags is available as a pull-down tab or printable PDF.


The course includes exercises throughout, with detailed feedback on student responses.


National and local resources are provided through links that offer up-to-date information for seniors.


Compliance officers and HR staff can track student progress and access detailed reports of results.

A fantastic program!

“A fantastic program! The interactive format kept me fully engaged from start to finish.”

-Ainsley Cunningham, Manitoba Securities Commission

Students Will Learn

  • To recognize potential abuse of assets, credit, and Power of Attorney
  • About relationships and characteristic situations that lead to exploitation
  • To avoid giving advice that may be construed as legal advice
  • To manage privacy considerations
  • How to navigate concerns surrounding key assets such as the family home
  • To understand the complex issues surrounding mental incompetence and finances
  • Skills to communicate effectively with older adults
  • Where to direct seniors to meet specific needs and get the best advice

Need a Custom Option?

No Problem

Do you need to customize your training with your company logo, policies, procedures, and references to in-house practices? Do you need multiple languages or compliance with other jurisdictions outside of the USA or Canada? Let’s talk!

We’ll be glad to work with your compliance team to produce a customized version of Financial Abuse of Older Adults: Recognize, Review and Respond that fits your needs and your budget. Tamlo’s staff is here to provide timely support for you and your organization throughout the training cycle. Please contact us to discuss your customization needs.

Whether you’re looking to increase employee compliance reporting, improve overall employee value or meet compliance regulation requirements, our training can help you get there.

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