Designed for everyone who needs to know the relation between AML and cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency is becoming mainstream and experts believe that we are on the cusp of a bank-bitcoin boom.  Since the launch of bitcoin in 2009, criminals, money launderers and terrorists have been finding ways to use this technology to their advantage. Governments now accept that cryptocurrency is here to stay and are responding with legislation that governs its use.

Cryptocurrency Essentials is a highly engaging course that will help your staff understand cryptocurrency, identify potential abuse and fulfill their own role in maintaining a culture of compliance.

This training program is designed for a range of participants, including people who work in traditional financial institutions, money services businesses, investment firms or insurance agencies. Those in the cryptocurrency industry will already be familiar with the blockchain concept and can skip quickly through the “how it works” chapter to focus on criminal activity, money laundering and terrorist financing. Law enforcement professionals will bring their own perspective to the section on regulatory compliance and investigation.

Powerful Training Elements

The friendly, accessible style of Cryptocurrency Essentials introduces employees to the fundamentals of AML compliance as it relates to crytocurrency. The course appeals to a wide range of learning styles by incorporating interviews with experts, interactive exercises and vivid examples based on case studies. Students will understand how to identify potential suspicious activity in the cryptocurrency field.

Built-in exams ensure a baseline level of knowledge throughout your organization while reporting features allow your compliance team to easily track student progress and verify course completion. This comprehensive online course achieves outstanding learning outcomes by integrating the following elements:

Insightful video:

Interviews with industry experts featuring an attorney, a law enforcement expert, a crypto investigator, and an AML compliance ninja

5 fictionalized stories illustrating how fraudsters, professional money launderers, criminal organizations, and terrorist financiers use cryptocurrencies as part of their operations

Interactive exercises – providing detailed feedback on student responses

Downloadable resources including a glossary, crypto crime report, and a red flags list


Compliance officers can track participants’ progress and have access to detailed reports of exam results.

An example of a Student Progress report in Excel.

Preview the course and see how it fits in your organization.

Need a Custom Option? Let’s work together!

You can purchase this course as is or consider some level of customization, from adding your logo to tailoring the content with your own policies and procedures. We’ll be glad to work with your compliance team to produce a customized version of Cryptocurrency Essentials that fits your budget. Tamlo’s staff is here to provide timely support for you and your organization throughout the training cycle.