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Online AML Training designed for bank, trust and credit union employees.

Flag the Money™ 1: Build Your Knowledge teaches employees how money laundering and terrorist financing work and what they can do to can detect and report suspicious transactions. It is intended for new hires and for all staff beginning the Flag the Money series. Year one – 60 minutes plus exam.

Flag the Money™ 2: Apply Your Knowledge builds on the initial training by exploring three case studies based on real reports of suspicious transactions identified by employees. It includes a higher level review of key concepts from year one as well as a deeper consideration of selected topics. Year two – 45 minutes plus exam.

Flag the Money™ 3: Expand Your Knowledge broadens the participants’ perspective to show how money laundering and terrorist financing are part of the wider field of financial crime. Students will see how AML compliance can uncover unexpected illegal activities and criminal connections. Year three – 30 minutes plus exam.

3 Memorable Courses – 5 Powerful Training Elements

The friendly, accessible style of Flag the Money™ 1, 2 and 3 show frontline and back office employees the basics of AML compliance by appealing to a wide range of learning styles. Video dramas, interviews with experts, and interactive exercises make a compelling case for why it matters to identify potential suspicious activity.

Built-in exams ensure a baseline level of knowledge throughout your organization while reporting features allow your compliance team to easily track student progress and verify course completion. This comprehensive package of online courses offers a three-year training program that achieves outstanding learning outcomes by integrating the following five elements:

Award-winning dramatic videos:

Carl’s Story takes students inside the world of a criminal entrepreneur and his team of money launderers. It gives an overview of how money laundering works in many types of industries or businesses, and illustrates the important role of front-line employees in identifying and reporting suspicious transactions that might be related to criminal activity.

The money-laundering gang.

Sandra’s Story features a compliance officer who uncovers a plot involving a politician who accepts bribes, and her husband’s attempts to launder the money through his restaurant business accounts. Employees from various departments identify unusual transactions that expose a money laundering scheme fueled by political bribery and corruption.

Real World Interviews:

Students learn from the kind of expert advice and insights usually reserved for attendees of expensive conferences. By featuring short excerpts that teach key points, Flag the Money provides the opportunity to learn from the best! Interviewees include banking professionals, law enforcement specialists, and organized crime experts.

Picture from Flag the Money 1 featuring an interviewee.

Interactive exercises and embedded resources:

Throughout all of our courses, participants answer questions and complete various exercises. Some of these require them to look up answers in accompanying resources such as red flags lists, regulatory excerpts, and a detailed glossary. All of these resources are available as downloadable PDFs for future reference.


Each Flag the Money exam question is selected from a pool of options on a specific topic. If a student fails to pass on their first attempt, the next time they take it, some or all of the choices will be different. Compliance officers can be confident that employees who pass have a foundational level of understanding of the main topics.

An example of an exam question form Flag the money (TM) 1.
An example of a Student Progress report in Excel.


Reporting features allow your compliance team to easily track student progress and verify completion. The user-friendly facilitator’s site produces reports that are easy to search and download for audit purposes. If you need a custom report, just contact Tamlo support staff for assistance.

Award-winning courses inspire and motivate

We believe storytelling is crucial for engaging learners and motivating behavioral change. That’s why we’ve built our award-winning training around stories that clarify challenging concepts and inspire employees to “up their game” when it comes to identifying suspicious transactions that might involve criminal activity.

I loved it!
I felt the video and acting was of excellent quality… There was a lot of training material covered in such a short amount of time; however, it clearly gave an overview of money laundering methods and techniques… If I did not know anything about money laundering, I would certainly walk away with knowledge on how the “bad guys” take their ill-gotten gains of dirty money and make it appear clean and legitimate.

Mary Meile, CAMS, President, The Anti-Money Laundering Association (AMLA)

Students Will Learn:

  • Money laundering from the criminal’s perspective
  • Similarities and differences between terrorist financing and money laundering
  • The three stages of money laundering and how to identify them
  • Principles of risk assessment in your industry
  • An overview of the regulatory environment
  • Techniques of money laundering and terrorist financing
  • KYC – Know Your Client/Customer
  • The key reports associated with money laundering and terrorist financing
  • Red flags and suspicious indicators
  • PEPs – Politically Exposed Persons
  • The social and economic consequences of money laundering

Need a Custom Option? Let’s work together!

Do you need to customize your AML training with your company logo, policies, procedures, and references to in-house practices? Do you need multiple languages or compliance with other jurisdictions outside of the USA or Canada? No problem!

Whether you’re looking to increase employee compliance reporting, improve overall employee value or meet compliance regulation requirements, our training can help you get there.

We’ll be glad to work with your compliance team to produce a customized version of Flag the Money™ that fits your needs and your budget. Tamlo’s staff is here to provide timely support for you and your organization throughout the training cycle.

Contact us to discuss your customization needs.

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