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Dynamic, award-winning anti-money laundering training programs
that equip your team to fight financial crime.

Flag Financial Crime

Are you struggling to find high-quality, relevant ongoing training materials that will keep employees current on regulatory guidance and other financial crime topics? Meet our new microlearning series – Flag Financial Crime.

A fantastic program!

“The interactive format kept me fully engaged from start to finish.”

-Ainsley Cunningham, Manitoba Securities Commission

What makes Tamlo training so different


Packed with real-life examples, we leverage the power of storytelling to boost learning outcomes and help students retain knowledge afterwards.


Award-winning video and dynamic, interactive content keeps learners engaged and sparks motivation to apply their new knowledge on the job.


Our comprehensive training is fully customizable, with options to incorporate your branding, policies and corporate philosophy into the training.


Better Compliance

We’ve helped hundreds of clients to:

  • Increase compliance reporting
  • Avoid fines
  • Improve overall employee value
  • Meet compliance regulation requirements
  • Protect your company’s good name
  • Easily track the training progress of your staff

Flag The Money Series

Whether you’re training front-line workers in AML/AFT/BSA or presenting an AML update to your board of directors, our series of online courses will energize your compliance strategy. Flag the Money™ online courses are available for:


Other Resources Include:

Financial Abuse of Older Adults

Many financial institutions are eager to train their staff to respond appropriately to the growing threat of elder financial abuse. Employees often care deeply about the people they serve, and when they see a client subjected to financial abuse, they want to help. Everyone knows this is a problem, but few understand what they can do about it. Learn about many of the options that are available.

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