Elder Financial Abuse Online Training

Currently available in English

for USA and Canada.

Tamlo is proud to present our award-winning 35-minute course, Financial Abuse of Older Adults: Recognize, Review and Respond. The course is built around 3 short videos that illustrate how older adults are vulnerable to financial exploitation by those they rely on the most.

The True Link Report on Elder Financial Abuse estimates that seniors in the U.S. lose over $36 billion annually to deceit or theft, much of it enabled by a trusting relationship—typically a family member but sometimes a paid helper, friend, lawyer, accountant, or financial manager.

Click here to see a demo of the training.

The original version of Financial Abuse of Older Adults: Recognize, Review and Respond was produced for Canadian credit unions and is available through Cusource Knowledge Network (cusource.ca).

Customization of the course is available to financial institutions in the United States or Canada. If you are interested, please contact Michael Cosgrove by email (sales@tamlo.com) or by calling (888) 998-2650.

The videos on which the course is built are available as a standalone product here.

If you have any questions, please contact Tamlo Sales:

Phone: 1-888-998-2650

Email: sales@tamlo.com

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