AML Online Training for MSBs, Agents and Frontline Staff

U.S. course available in
English or Spanish.

Canadian course available in
English or French.

Tamlo’s Flag the Money MSB training shows how money laundering works, teaches the basics of AML compliance and provides real-life examples to help employees and agents understand their responsibilities.

This engaging 45-minute online course includes:

  • Carl’s Story – an award-winning video about a gang of money-laundering criminals
  • Interactive questions throughout the course – with feedback provided for incorrect answers
  • Glossary and Red Flags list – available as pull-down windows or printable PDFs
  • Final exam – an employee who fails will answer a different set of questions for their second attempt


Compliance officers can track participants’ progress and have access to detailed reports of exam results.

We offer different levels of customization – from adding your logo to tailoring the content with your own policies and procedures.

See for yourself – request a demo of Chapter 1.

msb_clerkFor pricing options including corporate discounts please contact Tamlo Sales:

Phone: 1-888-998-2650


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