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Financial Abuse of Older Adults: Recognize, Review and Respond

Many financial institutions are eager to train their staff to respond appropriately to the growing threat of elder financial abuse. Employees often care deeply about the people they serve, and when they see a client subjected to financial abuse, they want to help. Everyone knows this is a problem, but few understand what they can do about it. Learn about many of the options that are available.

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Financial Abuse of Older Adults Video Resource

Our Elder Financial Abuse Video Resource can be used to maintain awareness among your employees. At just over 11 minutes, you can use the whole video as a launching point for discussion, or you can focus in on one of the three segments (about 4 minutes) to highlight abuse of assets, credit or Power of Attorney.

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Flag the money online courses

Tamlo’s series of online courses, will energize your compliance strategy. The courses cover training for front-line workers from AML/ATF/BSA to elder financial abuse, as well as for directors and executives. Whether you’re training a part-time employee or presenting an AML update to your board of directors, our programs put success at your fingertips.

AML Online Courses for MSBs

Tamlo’s clear, concise training program includes Carl’s Story, an overview of how money laundering works and the specific details MSB agents and employees need to know. Compliance officers can track exam results with automated reports.

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AML Online Courses for Financial Institutions

Tamlo’s comprehensive online course includes Carl’s Story, interactive exercises, real-life examples, fictional scenarios and interviews with industry experts. The built-in exam ensures a baseline level of knowledge throughout your organization.

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AML Online Courses for Insurance

SecIns Edged

This version of Flag the Money for Financial Institutions includes special course content for insurance professionals. This Canadian course has been certified for continuing education credits from IAFE for Advocis. The built-in exam ensures a baseline level of knowledge throughout your organization while the reporting features allow your compliance team to easily track student progress and verify course completion.

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AML Online Courses for Securities

Flag the Money for Financial Institutions includes special course content for securities professionals. This Canadian specific course is certified for continuing education credits from CECAP for IIROC. The friendly, accessible style of the learning content shows how money laundering and terrorist financing work.


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Carl’s Story” Video Resource

Carl Aware Edged

In this award-winning video, Carl and his team of “placement specialists” try various methods to launder their criminal profits. Carl’s Story gives an overview of how money laundering works in different industries and illustrates the important role of trained employees in detecting and reporting suspicious transactions.



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Compliance Officer’s Package for Executive Presentations

board Edged

Compliance officers can capture the attention of senior managers or boards of directors with Carl’s Story followed by a tailored PowerPoint™ presentation. An effective way to provide AML program updates or describe challenges facing your industry and organization.



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Flag the Money™ for Directors

Directors CourseFlag the Money™ for Directors is a highly engaging 35-minute online course that gives board members just the right amount of information so they can effectively oversee the anti-money laundering (AML) and anti-terrorist financing (ATF) program within their financial institution.





Flag the Money™ for Senior Executives

Executives CourseAfter building a strong foundation of AML and ATF knowledge through drama, interviews with experts, and interactive exercises, Flag the Money™ for Senior Executives focuses on specific information the executive team needs from the compliance officer to ensure that their AML/ATF program meets or exceeds legal and social obligations.